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Off The Wall

May 26, 2022

Markets are volatile right now. How you react will determine your success.


Monument's Portfolio Manager Erin Hay joins Dave Armstrong and Jessica Gibbs for a timely rundown on what's been going on the markets and what it all means for investors.


Dave and Erin discuss whether we are or are not in a recession,...

May 18, 2022

"Rich" is a number, "wealth" is a mindset.


Dr. Brian Portnoy, one of the world's leading experts on the psychology of money, joins the podcast to discuss his book The Geometry of Wealth: How To Shape a Life of Money and Meaning. Brian explains how money fits into your happiness and the life you want to lead (not the...

May 3, 2022

Dr. Richard Orlando of Legacy Capitals is back for Part 2 of our conversation about successfully transferring wealth to the next generation.

Rich does a deeper dive on gifting to kids, including sharing ideas on timing gifts around core life stages. He explains what is a family meeting and why it is important, and...