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Off The Wall

Sep 27, 2022

Last week's market volatility flirted with a bear market as sell-offs deepened. Analysts are much less confident where stocks and the economy are going. A lot of investors thought the Fed was getting inflation under control, but the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for August told a different story. A lot of companies are revising their outlooks downward because the landscape has changed.


Is all this making you feel anxious? Nervous about the future? Question if you're going to be ok? All of the above?


Erin Hay, Monument's portfolio manager, joins Off the Wall hosts Dave Armstrong and Jessica Gibbs to talk about the market sell-off and why it happened. They also breakdown what's going on in the bond market, inflation, and consumer sentiment.


Relevant Resources Mentioned:

American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Sentiment Survey:


About “Off the Wall”

Off the Wall is a podcast aimed at helping you answer the questions: What is the point of my wealth, and what actions can I take to accomplish that purpose? Your answers to those questions will be different from everyone else’s. As Wealth Managers, we’re skilled at helping our clients think through these challenging, but important, questions.

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