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Off The Wall

Oct 9, 2022

We're talking about bonds—yes, you read that right! Bond yields are going up. If you haven't wanted to invest in bonds in recent years because yields were low, is now the time to reconsider adding bonds to your portfolio?

Monument's Asset Management Team of Dave Armstrong, Erin Hay and Nate Tonsager is back to recap what went on in the markets in Q3 2022 and to give their thoughts on bond yields, owning bond ETFs vs individual bonds, and bond ladders.

Off the Wall co-host Jessica Gibbs also asks them for a look ahead to the final quarter of the year and predictions for where markets may be going.



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About “Off the Wall”

Off the Wall is a podcast aimed at helping you answer the questions: What is the point of my wealth, and what actions can I take to accomplish that purpose? Your answers to those questions will be different from everyone else’s. As Wealth Managers, we’re skilled at helping our clients think through these challenging, but important, questions.

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