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Off The Wall

Oct 5, 2023

As we enter the last fiscal quarter of 2023, we always love to reflect on the Q3 market (and YTD) to see what we’re surprised by and the major takeaways from the data. 


In this quarterly recap episode of Off the Wall, hosts David B. Armstrong, CFA and Jessica Gibbs, CFP® are joined by our Portfolio Management team, Erin Hay, CFA and Nate Tonsager, CIPM.  


Tune in to hear our Q3 2023 recap, where we review the market’s best and worst performing sectors, taking a realistic look at inflation and deflation in 2023 and offering advice on cash flow management. The team breaks down the benefits of using a bond ladder strategy in cash flow planning and the possibility and probability of deflation and lower interest rates in Q4 and into 2024.  


Stay tuned for a full market recap of 2023 coming in January 2024! We can’t wait to see who will win a Jimmy John’s sandwich for most accurate market predictions! 


Consumer spending is sustainable, the job market is remaining strong, and inflation is coming down naturally, and the Fed is now signaling they’re done. I’m gonna be a little hyperbolic and say I don’t see the hole in their argument right now. [The Fed] just deserve[s] a little bit of praise.” Nate Tonsager 


Episode Timeline/Key Highlights: 

[00:58] Q3 Market Summary – What happened last quarter? 

[02:23] Highest and lowest performing market sectors of Q3 of 2023. 

[09:43] Building out a bond portfolio Duration, returns, and cash flow planning. 

[18:43] What surprised us about interest rates, stocks, and inflation in Q3 and YTD. 

[29:39] Final Advice/Major Takeaways from Q3 of 2023. 

[34:03] Were our 2023 market predictions right? 


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