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Off The Wall

Dec 5, 2023

Adding onto our last episode for executives on navigating career growth and transitions, this time we’re talking about peak performance and finding purpose in your executive role, wealth, and beyond. 


Today on Off the Wall, hosts Jessica Gibbs and David Armstrong welcome Dr. Julie Gurner, a nationally recognized executive performance coach and psychologist who’s helping executives achieve world-class performance in fast-paced, high-pressure, and highly competitive environments. Julie is here to share her insights and advice on making the most of your executive role and the wealth that comes with it. 


Throughout our conversation, you’ll learn how to overcome the overwhelm, fear, and stagnation you may feel as an executive, without losing your momentum. Julie offers tips on how to master the art of delegation, prioritization, and accountability as an executive leader. Then, she guides you through the process of figuring out your purpose (in work and in wealth), giving advice to those of you who have exited or will exit a business but may not know what to do with your newfound wealth. 


This is an incredibly rich episode packed full of wisdom and advice that you can only get from a renowned executive coach, so tune in and get ready to take notes! Julie’s insights are sure to lead you to the answers you’ve been looking for. 


Humans are notably bad at knowing their own blockers, and so, it really does help us to get outside of ourselves to begin to develop that potential a little bit more.” 

  Dr. Julie Gurner 


Episode Timeline/Key Highlights: 

[00:19] Introducing Dr. Julie Gurner & the topic of today’s episode. 

[01:49] How to know if you’re a peak performer or a typical performer. 

[04:01] Why peak performers can’t push themselves to the next level. 

[06:46] Why do I still feel overwhelmed and scared of risk after years of executive experience? 

[09:46] How to push through overwhelm without losing your momentum. 

[12:03] Mastering delegation and prioritization in an executive role. 

[18:05] How to identify and order your priorities in life and work. 

[20:17] Finding your answer to “What is your purpose? 

[29:25] Defining “wealth” and the options your wealth gives you. 

[31:40] Advice for people who’ve exited a business and don’t know what to do with their newfound wealth. 

[35:15] How Julie finds purpose in her work. 

[36:20] How to connect with Julie & get her weekly newsletter for peak-performing executives. 


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About Dr. Julie Gurner: 

There's a reason she has a 2-year waiting list for new clients. Dr. Julie Gurner is one of today's most prolific executive performance coaches, Doctor of Psychology, and nationally recognized executive performance coach for individual and corporate clients primarily in finance and technology. She is trusted by top percentile talent and their teams to help them achieve world-class performance in fast-paced, high-pressure, extremely competitive environments.  


Julie’s international client reach includes such cities as NYC, Singapore, Sydney, Oslo, Dubai, London, and San Francisco. She’s been compared to Wendy Rhoades of "Billions" in The Wall Street Journal (2019) and Named a “Game Changer” by IBM. She has also been featured in Fast Company, Time Magazine, NBC News, Forbes, BravoTV, Greatist, US News, Martha Stewart Living, Vox, and more. 


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About “Off the Wall”: 

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