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Off The Wall

Jul 26, 2022

Whether you realize it or not, your views on money are rooted in your early life experiences. Those views impact your financial decisions and your emotional and financial well-being. So, it’s important to become aware of the money lessons that shaped you, define what financial well-being means to you, and prioritize funding contentment. Tune in to learn how!


In this episode of Off The Wall, hosts David Armstrong and Jessica Gibbs welcome Dr. Joy Lere, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Behavioral Finance Consultant, and Co-Founder at Shaping Wealth, to talk about boosting your emotional and financial well-being.


Listen in to learn the power of self-awareness in making informed, empowered financial decisions, how your survival instincts can impact your financial decisions, tips and advice on choosing a trustworthy financial advisor, and more.


“If there’s something you’re avoiding, [question] why that is… For some people, when it comes to managing their money, this is a very emotionally fraught thing. So, it can be anxiety-provoking.” – Joy Lere


Let us help you decrease your anxiety around money and stick to a realistic wealth plan.


Episode Timeline/Key Highlights:

[00:50] Introducing Joy Lere & The topic of today’s episode.

[02:22] How our understanding of money early in life impacts our adulthood.

[06:38] At what age do kids start understanding conversations about money?

[08:40] Families develop unspoken rules about finances. How do these shape your financial behaviors?

[10:39] Why is creating and sticking to a wealth plan so hard for me? & How to overcome the lack of motivation and drive to start a wealth plan.

[14:19] A skilled financial advisor understands the psychology of money.

[15:25] The importance of sticking to your values and defining financial well-being for yourself.

[20:09] How to focus on your present financial well-being AND your future wealth, even after financial trauma or feelings of scarcity.

[24:20] How to choose a trustworthy financial advisor.

[31:50] When to listen to (or ignore) your survival instincts when making financial decisions.

[34:01] How to test whether or not your financial advisor has good intentions.


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About Joy Lere:

Joy Lere, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and behavioral finance consultant with a practice in Napa, California. She previously served as an Associate Clinical Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and held clinical and research positions at Children's National Medical Center, the Penn Medicine Princeton Health, and the Department of Defense. Joy is the Founder of Shaping Wealth, a learning platform that’s transforming the human experience of money through original content on money, minds, and markets.


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