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Off The Wall

Nov 6, 2023

Are you an executive getting ready for your next career move? Need advice on how to step away from your current role and figure out what’s next? Thinking of taking a sabbatical or transitioning to retirement? Tune in to the expert advice you need to make your next move successful! 


In this episode of Off the Wall, host Jessica Gibbs welcomes Deborah Brecher, President and Managing Director of Tandem Group, to give you advice on navigating change, growth, and transitions in your career. Today, she highlights the three most common transitions executives experience in their careers and how to move through them with ease. 


Throughout the discussion, you’ll learn how to get ready for your next executive role, how to make a career move, and how to step away. Deborah gives fantastic advice on branding yourself as a trustworthy executive, strategically identifying what the next chapter of your career looks like, and how to ensure your next executive role is fulfilling. She also details how you can leverage your network to propel your career to the next level. 


If you’re ready to take on more leadership responsibilities, shift into a new industry or company, or step away from your career altogether, Deborah’s advice will certainly guide you in the right direction. 


The first place to work is with yourself because when you go look for your next opportunity, you’ve got to come at it from a place of positivity and belief in yourself.” 

  Deborah Brecher 


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Episode Timeline/Key Highlights: 

[00:19] Introducing Deborah Brecher & the topic of today’s episode. 

[01:56] How to prepare for your next role as an executive. 

[10:41] Personal branding tips for executives. 

[15:55] How to make your next career move (and make sure it’s fulfilling). 

[27:57] Approaching your next role when it’s an unexpected change vs. your own choice. 

[31:46] Taking a career sabbatical: Is it worth it for executives? 

[34:02] Act III: Navigating the last chapter of your career. 

[37:04] How to step away from your career and plan a fulfilling retirement. 

[41:56] When it’s time to grit and when it’s time to quit.  

[47:00] About Tandem Group. 



Resources Mentioned: 

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Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl: 


About Deborah Brecher: 

Deborah Brecher works with CEOs, senior leadership teams, and Boards of Directors at global companies to diagnose organizational performance issues, design and implement large scale transformational journeys, CEO and senior leadership succession planning, BOD effectiveness, and talent pipeline management. She’s had the opportunity to speak and author articles on a range of topics from CEO succession to how leaders must adapt post-COVID-19 to attract and retain good people. Most recently, she led a panel discussion for an NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors) Master Class on CEO succession planning. 


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About “Off the Wall”: 

OFF THE WALL is a podcast for business professionals and high-net-worth investors who want to build wealth with purpose. A little bit Wall Street, a little bit off-the-wall; it's your go-to for straightforward, unfiltered wealth advice on topics that founders, business owners, and executives care about. 


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